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APRIL | 14 | 2017

41 Cities, 5000+ miles, 2+ months on the road, 0 sleep, and all of America. // Touring with legends/heroes of mine Colony House was surreal as it gets. A year and a half ago I bought VIP tickets to see them and the past few months they have become some of the greatest friends I have. Here are a few shots from the tour when I had the time to snag some. Many people said we couldn't pull this tour off. It is basically a bus size tour compacted into a van and trailer. Even though many days we didn't leave a venue until 2am and had a 10 hour drive to the next city, we somehow did it with everyone all in. Honored is an understatement to be apart of this tour. All 6 of these guys are some of the hardest working men I have ever met. Can't wait to see whats next and I can't thank God enough. Until next time..
-all handheld shot on a Sony 6500 and Zeiss 25mm lens-

OCTOBER | 25 | 2016

It has been a while since I have uploaded a "vlog" (if you can even call it that). So much has happened in the last year. Despite my crap and selfish ways, God still opens doors for me to tell people about him. After graduating with my AA degree out of high school this past May, I did not know exactly what my plan for the fall 2016 was. I started to get very worried that I didn't have a plan or something coming up. But despite my fear and doubt, God opened up something I couldn't even comprehend. A band called "The Afters" approached me about playing for them on their fall tour, opening for the legnedary Newsboys. I remember being 12 or 13 years old and always jamming out to The Afters on the drums. My first concert was seeing The Newsboys with my family. I was completely honored that I was going out with both. A month or so before the start of the tour, the Newsboys found out that I do lighting work. They gave me a call and asked if I would double up and also be their lighting tech. Again, I couldn't believe it. God has provided an opportunity for me to grow in not just music but all things I love creatively. Now I am at a coffee shop in Nashville in an off day, in awe of the Lords faithfulness and grace. With the tour half way over, it's hard to even wrap my head around all that I have learned. Playing for thousands of people every night is an incredible experience, but in the end, what really matters is people. Here are just a few shots from the last month. The best part of this tour has been meeting so many new people and hoping that my short time with them reveals Christ in my life. With a full 9am-1am day, it can be hard to find time to shoot. Thankfully, I have been able to capture some of my favorite moments (all handheld on a Sony a6300).  

NOVEMBER | 15 | 2015

The highlights from the last Little Image tour. This experience was unlike any other. "This tour was a life changing experience for all of us. It was our first time all on the road together, and we feel it couldn't have gone better. We met lots of new people, learned more about each other and grew closer with each other, and got to experience lots of things that we will never forget."

JULY | 23 | 2015

Here I am again. For some reason, still able to wake up every day and live the beautiful life I have been given. Right now, I am on a plane home from the incredible city of Dubai. Just 2 days ago, I was in the even more beautiful city of Durban, South Africa. For about two weeks, me and 14 others were on mission in Durban partnering with CAST ministries. These past two weeks, God has shown himself to me day in and day out. This was also the first time this summer I was not playing music every day and really had time to just rest and not be filled with stress (good stress). The video gives you a short idea of what we did, but I want to explain a little more. The team and I went into a slum city in Durban and put on a VBS all week as well as trained the youth leaders on how to do youth ministry. The city we were in was full of metal sheet houses and most families were living on around $1 a day. We had around 200 kids each day join us as we led a VBS camp and each day God started to work in each kids heart. For me, I was able to pour into some kids my age and help them understand on how to build relationships through Jesus without actually bringing them to church. They were very discouraged that not many of the youth were coming to the service they put on, so we really talked to them about what it meant to bring the church into the community. Leaving the city, I felt confident that God has used us to give hope and a mission for them this next year. We then drove up the beautiful coast line to Port Shepstone and helped put on a youth conference. I was able to really talk to the youth band and Arise Ministries. It was so encouraging to see people leading worship and doing the same thing I do half way across the world. Overall, the trip was a beautiful picture of the worldwide church coming together. But, the whole week, I knew one thing. The real mission trip wouldn't start until I arrived home. We call these trips "Mission Trips", but in reality, it is much more difficult to tell people about Jesus and the hope he gives in our hometown where we know everyone and everyone knows us. I am very excited to see how The Lord will use this team back in our hometown. The hardest part about our hometown is that most people already know who Jesus is and what he did seeing that we grew up in the bible belt. Sadly, many people choose to deny him despite knowing all of his grace and hope. It is hard to justify needing Christ in the this culture because many of us grow up with everything we would ever need or want. Christ calls us to show others him through out actions and love even if they don't listen to our words. As I fly over the Middle East, this has been heavy on my heart. Thid the last thing I want to share as well so bare with me.

The Christians beneath me are suffering at all costs to follow Jesus. As a westernized church and Christian, what does persecution look like in our life? If we are not suffering from some sort of persecution, what are we doing wrong? I am afraid of what someone might think if I talk about Jesus while Christians all over the world will risk their life just to say his name. What do we have to be afraid of? John 15:18 “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you." Christ conquered death itself and I pray I will be able to hold onto that hope in my fear  like the people beneath me do as I come home to the real mission trip.


J U N E | 26 | 2 0 1 5

The past couple weeks have been some of the busiest of my life. Since my last blog, I have played music every single day in three different cities and two different states. One of those states being my home state; Colorado. I still wake up every day wondering why I get to do what I do. Traveling with some of my best friends and the greatest musicians I know has always been a dream. I am now on a plane home and starting to reflect on all the crazy that happened while creating this video. God has continued to humble me and show himself through me. Being surrounded by the beauty of His creation and the community of fellow believers has grown me and my faith. What I have truly come to see this week is that life is not always full of music, creation, and the people of God. I know the moment I step off this plane that there is darkness coming for me and evil that wants me. The world I live in seems to be slowing tipping as if we were in one big game of Jenga. The hope that one day my God  will come back and save this world has become very real to me. Yet, I know we are called to live in the now and love people around us. As I get a slow week next week before heading to Africa, I am exciting to rest in His hope and love people like I never have. I am a broken person who is no greater than anyone or anything on this Earth. Every day I turn my back to Him yet he still chooses to pursue me? God is a perfect father who chooses to not give up. So, there's just a few words on what is going on in my life and what I have learned. I am now going to try and sleep next to a scary man with a beanie on a plane. I am just afraid if I fall asleep on him he will hurt me. // I hope you enjoy a short recap of my adventures.

Till next time -

J U N E | 9 | 2 0 1 5

Vlogs and blogs. I never really understood what the point was. But, I have come to realize if anything, it's to remember. One day, people who blog or in some way share their journey can look back and remember the joy, life, and adventure they experienced. Even if nobody ever reads this, I will be able to learn from and remember the experiences God gives me in the short time I have on this Earth. So here it is. My first "vlog". I have decided to create short videos that capture my journey through a lens. I have been traveling around playing music and seeing the beautiful creation God has given us. I don't understand why God lets me do these things when I am a broken sinner but Grace is something we won't ever be able to understand. This is the begging of my summer travels and I am stoked to see what is to come.