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 A home video shows Troy playing a mini drum set at three years old - a hint of things to come. In fifth grade his parents put him in formal drum lessons. After one lesson the teacher was surprised to hear himself recommending that Troy's mom purchase a full drum set right away.  Within a year Troy was playing every week in the church youth band. He gradually picked up the guitar, bass, keys and figured out that he could sing. He found himself driven to learn every possible instrument and currently working on cello.  His musical versatility keeps him busy as bands discover his range and flexibility in the studio and on stage. His passion for perfection motivates a 100% effort no matter the situation.  Now playing and traveling at a professional level, Troy continues to grow musically and continues to strive to be the best he can.


Toured/Played with
The Afters
Little Image
Creator of Cielo Music Licensing
4115 (Nashville Studio)
Studios at 2909
Century Recordings
Tomcast Studios
Matt Wheeler // Worship Leader
Awaken Worship Band
Graham Saber
Northern National
Many More

 I will continue to create music so maybe one day someone else will experience the hope and love I have found in music"