music + visuals

Lighting Design

Troy began working with lighting design when he discovered the impact well programmed lights can have on a live musical event.  As a musician, Troy values the impact of a lighting director who knows the songs as well as the musician, enabling him to expand the emotional power of the music through perfectly timed lighting. Troy does everything from programming to setup to direction to tear down. He is eager to work with musicians and technical directors to create powerful lighting enhancements to any performance or live event.

Artists/Venues Worked With
Touring LD for Judah and the Lion
Touring LD for Colony House
Touring Lighting Tech for Newsboys
B&L Sound and Lighting
House of Blues Dallas
Trip Lee
Many More

“Troy has a vision and passion for lighting design that leads to creative designs that enhance the event. His musical background, in which he is a first class musician on many instruments, gives him impeccable timing between the music on stage and the lights – You’re never distracted by an off-time or ill-placed cue. Rather the timing, understanding of the music itself, and his lighting design all blend together seamlessly together as one cohesive package.”
— Les Balamut | Technical Director, Venue 510.