music + visuals


Background:  Troy was born in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado and then moved to the Dallas area in 2007 with his parents, two older brothers and a younger sister. He inherited a passion for creativity from his father, Kurt Bruner, an author and spiritual formation pastor who has served as vice-president with Focus on the Family and as the head of communications for Open Doors International. He grew up in a family with strong faith and tons of love giving him a strong foundation for life and work. 

Catalyst:  When the family moved to the Dallas area in 2007 Troy realized that his sport of choice, hockey, was less common than it had been in Colorado.  So he decided to pick up the drums.  As early as sixth grade he was asked to begin playing in church and he hasn't stopped since.  

Experience:  As early as 8th grade, Troy started to play for many different artists and worship leaders. He then picked up the guitar, bass, keys, and worship leading. He now plays up to five times per week with artists, worship leaders and in studio sessions. He has now created and produced music of his own, playing all the instruments on his music. At the age of fifteen Troy started lighting design and video work for his home church.  From there, he began working freelance as a lighting director and has produced videos for events, weddings, bands, artists, and others.    

Collaboration:  Troy has a proven track record in the fields of performance, worship arts and creative production.  His creative eye, instinct for music and passion for the arts combine to help you create a moving experience as you bring ideas to life through music, video production and/or lighting.  

||| "Music alone is powerful. Visuals alone are powerful. But, when the two come together, it creates an emotion and power that nothing else can. For that reason, I will never stop striving to master the two." |||